Group classes gives you the opportunity to socialise, interacting with others and making friends, the value of which is evident from our recent experiences of 'lockdown'. The importance of group classes for your mental health is profound. However, yoga offers so much more.

One to one with a teacher, where there is mutual respect and trust, offers the opportunity for personal transformation. You are unique !Just like your DNA! There is no-one else with the same body, thoughts, likes and dislikes, personality and history. In a one to one session, we can get to know each other. I listen to you, and together we can form a personal yoga practice to take you on your own journey of discovery and change.

What happens in a one to one session?

  • a FREE 15 minute phone consultation, to discuss your needs and aims

  • A full session up to one hour- in person or via video over internet

  • During the session we will decide on a home practice, personal to you

  • You practice at home

  • After an agreed period of time we review your practice