What does Yoga offer?

Yoga has many practice tools which can support us in our everyday functioning.  The correct Yoga practice for you, practised regularly and consistently may give you a steady supply of energy to help you deal with your daily responsibilities and give you strategies to help you handle stress and anxiety and relieve minor aches and pains.  It may be an invaluable aid to living with depression. The ancient practices of Yoga offer a means to inner steadiness less disturbed by external pressures.

What might you expect in a yoga class?
  • Asanas – (postures which can be gentle or rigorous) build strength and ease of movement,

  • Vinyasa – (sequences and movements with the breath) move your body comfortably whilst focusing the mind,

  • Pranayama – (breath control) can calm or energise,

  • Dhyana – (meditation) clarifies the mind allowing you to access inner wisdom

  • Yoga philosophy from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – show us paths we can follow to help us live a fulfilling enriching life.

Is Yoga for you?

We are all unique individuals and at Yoga sessions with Kath, you are always encouraged to follow your own path from your own starting point. No need to have any special abilities or be a certain body type as Yoga is for real people and every body.

Feel at ease and comfortable in small friendly groups.

There are several classes for Yoga in Colne, please see the CLASSES page then contact Kath, click HERE for more information or booking.