• Kath Gibbons

Ujjāyi Translation: upwards victory. AKA -Throat control breathing

When can I use throat control breathing?

· Anytime when anxious or stressed.

· When moving through postures or when holding them to support the body.

· Whenever you need a calming moment.

How do I do throat control breathing?

1. Get comfortable and settled. Relax your body but don’t slump!

2. Breathe through your nostrils until your breathing settles.

3. When ready, breathe out making a quiet ‘ha’ sound with your mouth open and then

breathe in through your nose. Repeat a few times, until your breathing becomes

smooth and steady.

4. Now close your mouth and breathe out with the ‘ha’ sound. The sound gets quieter in

your throat. Carry on breathing in through your nose as normal. Notice the soft gentle

tightening of your throat as your breath leaves your nose.

5. Once you feel happy breathing at step 2, practise until the sound becomes very quiet.

Aim to make the softest sound in your throat as you breathe out. A sound only you can

hear. This happens with practise. Repeat a few times until your throat control breathing is

smooth and steady again.

6. When you are happy with step 3, try to keep the soft and gentle tightening of your throat

as you breathe in too. Repeat a few times until your throat control breathing is smooth

and steady.

7. Now try throat control breathing while raising your arm. This develops your breathing.

Breath in, take your arms up and breath out bring your arms back down. Repeat a few


8. Returning to stillness, relax your arms, and repeat a few rounds of throat control

breathing. Notice how you feel. Return to your normal breathing. Again, notice how you


Important practice note

If you feel hot, dizzy, or light-headed during this practice, notice how you are doing it. Are you being a bit too forceful with the throat tightening? Try a gentler and softer ‘ha’. If you still feel uncomfortable, stop practising and get advice.

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